Crypto News This week turned out intense. Bitcoin got to USD 9,000, only to drop just below USD 8,200 in five hours and then become... The week kicked off with news that 10 cryptocurrency exchanges passed a wash trading test, and there was quite a lot of bull talk with many Bitcoin predictions, but also a number of warnings about private key generators and fake crypto wallets, and liquidators rushing to protect Cryptopia users' funds, cryptoverse celebrated the old inclusion of Bitcoin in Excel and the new options to buy digital racecars and dresses. Kin will use another USD 5 million in their legal fight with the SEC, investors and dapp users compared four major industry players to see who wins, and Fold sold 2,500 pizzas. We are reminded this week of the relationship between China and crypto and the importance of Chinese investors in the cryptoverse. Meanwhile, in South Korea, the country continues its relentless blockchain drive, the government is talking as the crypto prices skyrocket, millions of telecom customers are to be granted access to a blockchain platform, and one of its banks launched the nation’s first blockchain-powered loans.

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